'Starling' work on paper
'Beyond all my wildest imaginings' @ Chameleon Gallery
'Waiting for you'
'Atlantic dreaming' - Sold
'Blissed out' - Sold
'Bordjies tidal pool' - Sold
'Closer to you' - Sold
'Rock pool at the point'
'Follow on from there'
'Fly free' work on paper
'Into the light' - Sold
'Protea dance'
'First light's flight' @ Blue Planet Gallery
'Bordjiesdrif' - Sold
'Lily shimmer'
'Whispers of my cheetah soul'
'Thorntree shadows' - Sold
'On the surface'
'La la hadeda' work on paper
'She sang with the birds' @ Chameleon Gallery
'Waterliliies' @ Chameleon Gallery
'Lone stone pine' - Sold
'Whale beach' - Sold
'Keep me safe' - Sold
'Our beach' - Sold
'Into my dream' - Sold
'On the surface'
'At the Dell' - Sold
'Waiting for rain' @ Blue Planet Gallery
'By the lake'
'Released' work on paper
'Loerie' @ Chameleon Gallery
'Inside my paradise'
'Sunbird dreaming'
'Waiting for rain'

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